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Cambium Networks ePMP Force 300-25 Subscriber Module 5GHz

Kategori:Cambium Networks - ePMP
Harga:Rp 3.266.000,00

ePMP Force 300-25
Cambium Networks’ ePMP Force 300-25 is designed to operate in high interference environments and provides superior throughput of over 500 Mbps of real user data.

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The High-gain ePMP Force 300-25 802.11AC Wave 2 solution provides 500+ Mbps peak throughput, always-on spectrum analysis, and local WiFi management.


Channel Spacing  Configurable in 5 MHz increments
Frequency Range regulations.) Wide Band Operation 4910 - 5970 MHz (Note: Allowable frequencies and bands are dictated by individual country 
Channel Width  20 | 40 | 80 MHz
MAC (Media Access Control) Layer  Cambium
Proprietary Physical Layer  2x2 MIMO/OFDM
Ethernet Interfaced  10/100/1000 BaseT, Compatible with Cambium PoE & Standard PoE pinouts
Protocols Used  IPv4/IPv6 (Dual Stack), UDP, TCP, ICMP, SNMPv2c, NTP, STP, IGMP, SSH
Network Management  IPv4/IPv6, HTTPs, SNMPv2c, SSH, Cambium Networks CnMaestro™
VLAN  802.1Q with 802.1p priority
ARQ  Yes
Nominal Receive Sensitivity (w/FEC) @20 MHz Channel  MCS0 = -87 dBm to MCS8 (256 QAM-3/4) = -63 dBm (per chain)
Nominal Receive Sensitivity (w/FEC) @40 MHz Channel  MCS0 = -85 dBm to MCS9 (256QAM-5/6) = -59 dBm (per chain)
Nominal Receive Sensitivity (w/FEC) @80 MHz Channel  MCS0 = -82 dBm to MCS9 (256QAM-5/6) = -56 dBm (per chain)
Modulation Levels (Adaptive)  MCS0(BPSK)to MCS9 (256QAM5/6)
Transmit Power Range  0 to +27 dBm (combined, to regional EIRP limit) (1 dB interval)
Surge Suppression  1 Joule Integrated (C000000L065A - 30V Gigabit surge suppressor is recommended for optimum protection)
Environmental  IP55
Temperature  -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)
Weight  2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)
Wind Survival  180 km/hour (112 mi/hour)
Dimensions (Dia x Depth)  47 cm x 31 cm (18.5 in x 12.2 in)
Pole Diameter Range  6.4 cm – 7.6 cm (2.5 in – 3 in)
Power Consumption  12 Watts
Input Voltage 30 Volts
Encryption  128-bit AES (CCMP mode)


Frequency Range  4910 - 5970 MHz
Antenna Type  Dish
Peak Gain  25 dBi
3dB Beamwidth-Azimuth  6-10 degrees
3dB Beamwidth-Elevation  6-10 degrees
Front-To-Back Isolation  25 dB
Cross Polarization  20 dB


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